What is VPS Hosting? -How Managed VPS Hosting will be Favorable for Your Website?

VPS hosting is a bridge between dedicated and shared hosting solutions. Web hosting provider uses a technique known as virtualization to divide physical servers into separate virtual instances. Each instance has its own set of resources for the system in the context of CPU RAM, CPU space, etc., and is separated from other hosting accounts on the same machine.

You can buy a well-equipped VPS machine for slightly more than regular shared hosting costs.

When you look at the service, VPS solutions are divided into two major types;

  • Managed VPS hosting solutions
  • Unmanaged VPS hosting solutions


Managed Unmanaged VS VPS hosting solutions

If you choose VPS hosting in Pakistan, you'll have to decide how much control and support you'll need because this is the primary distinction between unmanaged and managed VPS hosting.

·         Managed VPS Hosting

Managed VPS hosting provides a different hands-on approach from the host. The host is responsible for maintaining your hardware and software installation, as well as updates and technical assistance. It's true that this is some of the control that you enjoy with a self-managed server but is compensated by professional service from experts in the field. This is an excellent choice for small and medium-sized organizations.

·         Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Un-managed VPS services provide you with a bare-metal system with basic initial configuration and OS setup. It is flexible to customize the service as per your hosting needs, and it will allow its users to install and run whatever they want on the server...as long as you can manage. Un-managed VPS hosting solutions are not operated from the side of your hosting provider, so you can be sure that the performance of your venture depends on your capabilities. Web developers prefer Un-managed VPS hosting solutions over businesses with more specific needs.


Advantages of Managed VPS Hosting

Many newbies prefer to buy shared hosting because it is a cost-effective and simple hosting plan solution for novices. At the same time, this may be the case to a certain complexity in high traffic. Due to its advantages, site hosts prefer to opt for cheap managed VPS hosting solutions to avoid complexities and for smooth hosting infrastructure. Let’s have a look at the benefits of managed VPS

·         Complete Control

Managed VPS hosting solution is similar to dedicated servers. Your managed VPS host operates your server account entirely from the other servers of the physical machines, which grants you more power to manage your server. Managed VPS hosting users can alter their settings as per their requirements and specifications.

·         Saleable Hosting Infrastructure

Your website's slow performance speed can cause your loss of your customers. To avoid such hassle, you need to upgrade your hosting plan. Cheap managed VPS hosting lets you add an amount of CPU, RAM, or space without having to move your account to a different server. In most cases, this works both ways, allowing you to reduce your usage if you don't require as many resources as you do currently.

·         Performance-optimized 

In the shared hosting solution, the server has shared among multiple users, trying to get part of that pie before it is gone. VPS hosting can solve all of these problems by allowing only some clients to use the same server and separating the accounts using a specific number of servers and operating RAM.

·         Security

 In managed VPS hosting your site in an isolated space ensures that no vulnerabilities from a neighboring account could impact your area; this is one of the most significant issues when sharing servers with multiple users. Furthermore, as a managed VPS hosting user, is a guarantee from your service provider to guarantee the setup is in line with the most current security standards. 

·         24/7/365 Support

 When you are using managed VPS hosting, there are multiple factors that you have to consider regarding the professionalism and expertise of the support staff at your host. A reliable managed VPS host should be available 24/7/365 via multiple channels to provide fast, secure, and quality services to resolve your hosting issues.

·         Cost-effective 

These are multiple hosting providers in Pakistan that offer cheap managed VPS hosting services at cost-effective prices. Managed VPS server can save you costs effective service can be incorporated into the most limited budgets.


To discover a reliable VPS hosting provider in Pakistan is a daunting task that simplifies your life online. Before buying a VPS server in Pakistan, ensure that your hosting provider will provide your requirements for an enjoyable online experience. For the speedy hosting performance and improved security, managed VPS hosting is worth considering. Are you searching to purchase a managed VPS hosting to boost your business website? If yes, contact the Pakchamp sales staff to buy VPS in Pakistan. We'd love to meet your hosting needs.