Importance Of SPF In Beauty Products and How to Care Your Brow

Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is the measurement of the effectiveness of sunscreen against UVB radiation. It also provides a significant indicator of how long you can stay in the sun without getting burnt. As you may have guessed, the greater the SPF is, the greater the protection. This means the longer you will be outside in the sun. The majority of people consider SPF when selecting sunscreen. However, it's included in many cosmetics like:

·    Best Face Foundation in Pakistan

·    Lip Balm

·    Primer

·    Setting Spray

·    Moisturizer

Damage to the skin is a severe risk that has caused many to shield themselves from the sun. Applying sunscreen is crucial to getting dressed for the day, which might be skipped or wholly forgotten because of time constraints. Being able to apply protection and makeup simultaneously is a win-win for everyone. Here are some tips to ensure you're getting the proper sun protection from the products you use for your beauty.

·    Look for products with SPF 15 or greater. The best rating is 30.

·    Apply your moisturizer that contains broad SPF broad-spectrum to soak it into your skin before applying your makeup. This gives your neck and face protection from sun damage.

·    Lip balms should contain SPF. Lips have almost no melanin, which means they risk sun-induced damage. Remember that high-shine, glossy shades attract sun rays and can increase the chance of sunburn.

·    If required, apply an eye cream with an SPF of a minimum of 15.

·    Apply an oil-based foundation or tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher to shield your skin from the sun.

·    Setting sprays or powders that are compressed helps keep the moisturizer and sunscreen in place.

·    To keep your appearance all day long, Keep your translucent powder at hand to apply sunscreen again. It will also help keep your skin looking fresh.

Luscious Cosmetics recognizes the importance of protecting yourself from sun damage. We have a brightening base with an SPF of 35. It acts as primer and moisturizer, and sun protector. Take advantage of this base today to enhance your appearance!

Brow Care:

Brows that are ablaze! This is among the most flattering compliments one receives. Brows are among the first things that people see because they are the main feature of the entire face. They also have a significant influence on the way your makeup appears. For many, high temperatures require wearing as minimal makeup as you can. Apart from a bit of Best Lipstick in Pakistan, mascara, and lip moisturizer, perfect arched eyebrows will complete your look. Modern times have made eyebrow grooming at home crucial. However, it can be a challenging job. To help us, we've compiled some guidelines to make taking care of your eyebrows at home as effortless as it can be.


While many prefer to leave it to professionals, it can be accomplished at home. First, make sure your surface is dry and clean. To help ease the pain, you can tweeze your hair after you've taken a shower to ensure that hair is easier to remove. The next step is to proceed slowly and pull at most two inches to go towards the direction of growth. It's easy to pluck too many at one time. It is essential to take a step back and assess what is happening along the route. Once you're done, apply a light aloe vera gel or toner to calm the skin.


It's crucial to understand the form of your natural eyebrow! If you've never had the chance to identify the natural shape of your eyebrow, it's not too difficult to make an eyebrow map. It's also helpful to determine where your brows require improvement, where excess hair can be eliminated, and the areas you must fill in.

1.    To determine where your brows begin, take an eraser and put it on the opposite side of your nose while holding it in a slant towards the inside of the eyes. The area where the pencil's edge meets the brow line marks the place where your brows begin.

2.    Place the pencil to the nose's side and straight over your eye to locate your arch. The point where the pencil touches the brow bone that is your arch.

3.    The final step is to put your pencil at the tip of your nose. It should be aligned with the outside corner of your eye. This will allow you to see the information of your eyebrow.

Remember this: one of the "golden rules" is to make your brows appear in a different way to your face. If you have a long look, you must opt for a low arch with straight and long eyebrows to give your face more width.

Use Good Lighting

Your room's lighting is crucial for perfect possible brows that can be done at home. You don't want to be arching and tweezing in dim light. If you can, make use of natural light entering your space and create a space as bright as it can be. Utilize the mirror on your hand by taking it to a sunny area to ensure that you get all the tiny hairs.

Fill in the spaces

In some time, we all experience every time we feel a little "pluck-happy." First, be aware that you're not the only one! Also, be mindful that you can fill in any sloppy areas! This can be accomplished using brow powder, an angled brush, or you could apply a pencil. You can keep all hairs set using eyebrow mascara for a final touch. They come in two shades: transparent and tinted.

Everyone wants their brows to be beautiful; however, taking care of hair at home doesn't have to be a nightmare. Enjoy yourself and be fancy!