The use of custom retail packaging boxes at retails

We use custom retail packaging boxes in various forms in departmental stores and other retail outlets. Companies and brands belonging to various industries make use of custom packaging boxes to reach out to their customers and target audience. If the custom retail boxes can cater to a particular need of an individual, the brand just might win a new customer. Custom retail packaging comes in all sizes and shapes. More companies are no switching to cardboard-based custom retail boxes to display and market their products. It is a far better option than plastic packaging. The requirement of every product and company differs from each other. The custom retail boxes used by the brands that offer freshly baked items are crafted from food-grade material. We often add them with the window-patching feature to allow the customers to have a look at what they are purchasing without opening the packaging.

Custom Candle Boxes

If you have had the chance to buy candles from retails or from special candle stores, you will not that custom candle packaging has come a long way. Seldom are they now sold in bundles? They packaged each of them in an attractive box. It crafted these custom candle packaging boxes from cardboard stock and customized using different addons and finishes.  They give custom cardboard boxes used for marketing candles inspiring branding and creative themes, which transform the look of these ordinary boxes into extraordinary ones. They select original stocks for these custom cardboard boxes according to the preferences of candle brands and manufacturers. Many candle brands are now switching to biodegradable packaging boxes. These boxes will not end up clogging our water bodies as they can perish on their own without releasing harmful gases or chemicals.  

Custom Printed Boxes!

Sometimes the smaller products do not get noticed on the shelves as conveniently as the larger products. It happens with custom hemp boxes. Often hemp oil bottles get overlooked by the customers. To counter this problem, companies have made use of custom display boxes. They placed these boxes on the counters near the exits of the retails. They place products packaged in custom hemp packaging inside these boxes, which makes them more accessible to the customers waiting for them in the queues. Other products also make use of custom display boxes. Often one finds eye-candy bath bomb display boxes near the exit counters. The display of products using this technique helps reach out to the customer without worrying about the market clutter. It can always refill these boxes when the stock runs out.

Custom pillow Packaging Boxes

Add-ons used on custom retail packaging

There are different add-ons that can be used on custom boxes crafted from cardboard. Some of these include;

1) Spot UV – using this technique a certain part of the visual content printed on the custom boxes is given a smooth shine. They also used it for creating hidden logos on the custom boxes.

2) Hot foil stamping – using this technique metallic colors can be added to the visual content of the custom boxes used for packaging. Most brands use it to create impressive content for their products.

3) Varnish – this technique involves using a transparent coating on visual content during or after printing. It helps in protecting the printed content from smudges, fingerprints and adds a depth and distinctive style to the content. However, its use is discouraged because it is not eco-friendly.

It does not restrict the customization tools to these three options. They can use countless other options on custom retail packaging boxes according to the preferences of the clients and the product needs. It always pays off to select revered names in the packaging industry like ClipnBox. Companies with proficient packaging and printing teams will come up with innovative and highly functional packaging solutions for their clients. These packaging options will be loved by the brands and their customers equally.


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