Difference between Shower Trays and Anti Slip Shower Trays UK

 Anti-slip shower trays have recently become a popular choice in the UK.  Shower or bathing area is mostly wet due to water splashes and moisture that increase the possibility of slip while showering. This can be even dangerous for elderly who have a higher risk of fracture. 

Anti-slip shower trays come with extra anti slip coating to allow your feet a better grip on the floor. So, it works by protecting against falling and can be the assurance that everyone in the family feels safe while showering. 

Anti Slip Shower Trays

Here you can read different tips on choosing anti-slip shower tray as per your needs. 

Choose the Shower Tray Shape

It should base the choice shower tray on the shower enclosure style so it can fit easily into it. Here are few types of anti-slip shower trays.

  • Anti-Slip Square Trays. These are suitable for most shower and bathing areas. Especially if you have folding doors shower enclosures, then it can be a perfect choice for you. You can fix them in the corner or anywhere with full bath enclosure.

  • Anti-Slip Quadrant Trays. These come with a curved front and can be easily fit into any corner. Because of their curve front, you can use them with hinged and sliding shower enclosure doors. These versatile shower trays are suitable for most of the bathroom shower areas. 

  • Anti-Slip Offset Quadrant Trays. These have the same shape as quadrant trays. The only difference lies in that these have one relatively longer and another one a shorter edge. If you have a bigger shower area and want a roomier option as an alternative to a normal quadrant tray, then it can be a suitable choice for you

  • Anti-Slip Rectangular Trays. These are rectangular shape suitable for relatively bigger bathrooms that are spacious. You can use them with shower enclosures having sliding doors. These trays look great and suitable for large enclosures.

Choose the Size of Anti-Slip Shower Tray 

One of the most important consideration while buying a non-slip shower tray is it’s size. You should ensure it fits well within your shower area. In case you are simply replacing the shower tray with the non-slip option then, you just need the same size tray nothing else. However, a completely new shower enclosure will require you to match the sizes. A minor mistake in size, or if you try to buy these both items from separate places may cause wastage of time and hassle. 

Even if you are installing the shower screen, you will need to check the size of the shower tray so it can fit well with it. It is essential that you match shower tray, enclosure, and screen so you don’t get a problem at a later stage. 

The material of Anti-Slip Shower Trays. 

Anti-slip shower trays are available in original materials like acrylic, ceramic, and acrylic capped stone, etc. Each of these has its own pros and cons. For example, Acrylic stone has the popularity among homeowners as they are highly durable and stays at the room temperature. Another choice is ceramic trays, which are very durable but heavier than other materials. The simple acrylic construction for shower trays is also very common, as these offers lightweight and flexibility that others do not offer. 

Nonslip Shower trays at royal bathrooms

Nonslip shower trays offer the added benefit of preventing you and your loved one slip on floor during shower. There are many important considerations when buying a shower tray for your bathroom. This includes a choice of anti slip shower tray type, its size, and materials. If you will follow all the tips mentioned above, you will not get any troubles at the time of installing a shower enclosure.
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