How airbags can help to avoid serious damage during accidents?

 Cars have made our lives easier to travel from one place to another. While travelling a lot of collisions happen. Severe accidents, minor accidents or fatal ones. You always have to be ready to face the sudden incident that you will be going to meet with. Most of the people usually wear seat belts. They are also made to protect and safe you. Saving your own life is important but tricky and alarming. You always have to be alert to protect yourself while driving. Which is why airbags are designed to avoid accidents and help you protect your life to avoid serious damage during accidents. 

There are two types of air bags, necessary for the front seat driver. The frontal airbags and side airbags. The frontal airbags will help you to protect you from head-on collision when someone hits your car from the front. They help you save from serious head injuries or trauma. On the other hand, the side airbags help you save in T-bone collisions or when the car hits you on the sides.

Hence it would not be wrong to say that airbags have saved thousands of lives till date and are one of the pivotal gears of the automobile industry.

How Airbags protect you?

First of all let me tell you that airbags have been made a compulsory component in a vehicle since 1999. It depends on the vehicle’s manufacturer where to place the airbag. The airbag can be released from the steering wheel, from the dashboard or other areas of the vehicle. Although they are designed quite simply, it features innovative technology to make them work and on right time. Some people check the portability of the airbags by testing it on dummies, so that they exactly know that the airbag is working efficiently. The main purpose of designing the airbags is obviously to open and expand when a car crash is going to happen. The airbags are made up of nylon fabric which allows the bag to simply compress into different sections inside the car. Once the airbag is filled with nitrogen gas, the gas will quickly disappear from the holes that are made inside the bag. This allows the bag to deflate so that you can get out of your car. So to reduce the momentum of your head, airbags are designed, because when a car crash happens your head can bounce back into the seat but if you wear airbags the airbag will deflate so that your head does not end up bouncing back into the seat. It depends on the vehicle manufacturers how smartly and easily accessible they have put up the airbags in your car.

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