Who are woodworkers?
The term woodworkers are people who create products that are made from the woods such as a cabinet, doors, wood Jewellery, Wood Artfurniture, etc. A woodworker is also known as a carpenter.

What is the purpose of the woodworker?
The purpose of the woodworker is to repair and to make the furniture. They provide us the service for which they charge money. As in shops the furniture is not available and is expensive at times which we cannot afford so in this situation we can hire a Woodworker to make us the desired furniture at an affordable cost. A woodworker’s job is to make wooden items with the help of woodturning or Wood Art.

What are the advantages of woodworkers?
  • They can create products made from wood such as wood vases etc.
  • They can make us a custom made furniture that is not available in the shops.
  • We can make furniture at a lower cost as compared to the market price

What are the disadvantages of woodworkers?
  • They can be busy with the previous client’s orders which can delay our work.
  • When as woodworker will fall ill the work needs to be stopped which will not be efficient in an emergency situation.
  • They charge the price for doing the work.
  • As woodworkers are human and they can do mistakes in the work it will affect the work.

How woodworker turns the wood into works of art?
As the woodworker uses the method of woodturning, they cut the trees and the logs into smaller pieces which are used in making the furniture and for homes and shops. However, in order to turn the wood into an art, the woodworker uses the chisel which is an equipment used for crafting the wood in order to create woodenly items like wooden bowls which is an art of wood.

What are the basic requirements in order to work as a woodworker?
The basic requirement to work as a woodworker has a piece of adequate knowledge in constructing and measurements of the wood. An accurate measurement is a basic requirement for making woodturning products. Secondly, the experience is essential in order to be a woodworker. As with the help of experience, you will get the idea of how much wood is essential in order to create wooden items that will prevent the wood from being wasted. Lastly, the practice is essential as the more the practice will be, the better the work will be of the woodworker.

How can woodworker improve their work?
The woodworker can improve their work by getting proper training and experience. As with the help of training and experience, it will boost up the self-confidence of the woodworkers which will give them more potential and better grip to produce better quality in wood trays

What are the basic products that woodworkers can make out of the wood?
  1. Wooden utensils
  2. Wooden furniture
  3. Wooden doors
  4. Wooden crates
  5. Wooden window
  6. Wood Art
  7. Wooden plank
  8. Wooden frames
  9. Wooden decorations