What is the difference between Mezzanine and Work Platforms?

The permanent type of intermediate structure that is made between the main floors of the building. You can say that this is the partial floor or story between the main floors of the buildings like theater, auditorium, and any kind of entrance lobby. These are used to store equipment or products, also for working on it, and for walking to have access to all the merchandise. 
On the other hand, the work platform is a type of equipment that provides you space to work at the height. It is not a kind of permanent floor and you can place it anywhere and anytime. The materials that are used in its manufacturing are aluminum, stainless steel, and steel. These have safety handrails and ensures the safety of the workers.

Types of Mezzanines:
Various types of mezzanines are listed and explained below. Have a look at them.
·            Structural Steel Mezzanines
·            Building Column-Connected Mezzanines
·            Freestanding Mezzanines
·            Shelving Supported Mezzanines
·            Custom Mezzanines System
·            Rack Supported Mezzanines

Structural Steel Mezzanines:
This is considered as one of the best mezzanines as they provide much greater space for the storage of the equipment. You can easily store all the plumbing and electrical accessories there. This type is much heavier than all the other types of mezzanines. 

Building Column-Connected Mezzanines:
There is the need for connection of this mezzanine with the building columns. This is to get maximum support. Having a high weight carrying capacity of this mezzanine can allow you to put the extra load of the equipment.

Free-Standing Mezzanines:
A very large space is provided by free-standing mezzanine just like the steel platforms. If you are designing the structure of your industry then you must introduce this type of mezzanine in it.

Rack Supported Mezzanines:
This single unit is less heavy and provides a larger area for the catwalk and the storage of the tools and equipment. These are considered are space savers because they give you a large space for storage.   These are also cost-effective than other types of mezzanines. Once the mezzanine is constructed, then it will become difficult or sometimes impossible to rearrange or adjust in any way. You have to hire the professionals of structural steel fabricators to get this mezzanine installed in your industry.

Importance of using mezzanines:
Mezzanines are giving you much convenience in the storage of the products. Here are some points that show the importance of mezzanines.
·         It provides extra space for the storage
·         Through this product, you can make complete use of the vertical space. You can bring in use the free vertical space of your industry by making mezzanines there.
·         These are much cost-effective. You can save about 80% of your budget by making the mezzanines in spite of making the other full floor.
·         You can get the one of the design contrasting the d├ęcor of your industry.

Types of Work Platforms:
·         Permanently Installed Work Platforms
·         Podium Platforms
·         Powered Access Platforms
·         Mobile Access Platforms
·         Folding Work Platforms
·         Articulated Boom Lift
·         Aerial Lift
·         Scissor Lift
·         Telescopic Boom Lift

Importance of Work Platforms:
·         Work platforms are fully safe to work at the heights. These have the handrails that ensure the safety of the employees.
·         You can move the work platforms where ever you want.
·         These do not require any kind of support with the walls.
·         There is a locking mechanism to prevent the product from moving out of the place and the position.