Improvements in Airbnb Portland Overtime

Airbnb is a two-way e-platform providing lodging services since 2008 and is currently valued at over USD 35 billion. It is one of the startup unicorns of the mid-2000s and has maintained its exceptional operations through continuous amelioration in every aspect of the company. Airbnb ensures its dominating presence in the travel agency and maintains customer retention to generate higher customer value. They continuously improve their service and offerings by using growth hacking techniques to gain a larger market share and earn more revenue while maintaining a high growth rate to scale their business. Airbnb Portland focuses on the provision of a perfect experience to its users and adding features and services that ensure convenience and security for both the guests as well as hosts.

Airbnb Portland Data:
The growth of Airbnb in Portland can be seen from the fact that by the end of 2017 there were around 4,648 homes listed on the Airbnb website which is twice as much as in 2015. It mostly consists of houses, apartments, private rooms and shared rooms within houses and apartments. The largest listings are of entire houses and apartments which are offered to guests. There are numerous hosts in Portland which offer more than one listings and the maximum listing is for 30 houses. Most listings get 60 reviews per year and are usually given by guests who stay at an Airbnb for more than three days at an average.

Improvements in Airbnb:

Airbnb Portland encountered various problems which were then solved by making various improvements in their operations.

Lack of Attractive photographs:
Firstly, there was a lack of traction faced in Airbnb due to a less than adequate quality of pictures uploaded by the hosts. This was solved by hiring freelance photographers who took professional and attractive pictures of their space. This increased bookings by two or three times as the listings were presented in a better way.

Airbnb Social Connections:
In 2011, Airbnb social connections were launched as a feature in Portland which provided more details about the guests who wanted to make bookings. The hosts could review their social media profiles and check out the reviews from their previous stays at other Airbnb. Moreover, a wish-list feature was also introduced in 2012 by Airbnb where users could save the properties they like to view them later on. This resulted in generating maximum engagements and customer engagement in Portland rose by 30% after its introduction.

Customer Service Staff:
In the same year, Airbnb Portland doubled its customer service staff to make their website more accessible to the users and provide them with better customer service. Airbnb in Portland also partnered up with the Lloyds of London to offer each listing with a coverage of $1 million in case of any damage to the property by guests.  

Additional Travel Guide:
Airbnb Portland also provides users with numerous adventures and experiences to choose from thereby making up for an exceptional travel guide. Airbnb gives top-rated experiences that Portland provides such as enchanted waterfall hikes, Multnomah Falls, foot reflexology, etc. They also provide customers with a list of popular homes that have high ratings so that they can have multiple options while browsing for locations and homes to stay at.