What is work platform?

It is an equipment or a machine which is used mainly for reaching a higher height during work, where it is not possible to access the area particular height easily. In that crucial situation, to carry out the work with ease, there is a must-use of the work platformThere are different types of a working platform for different types of works, thus they have different use as well. In today’s era there are more developing countries that are moving towards construction of the buildings, in those. The situation, its use is compulsory to increase the mobility of the workers to reach one height to another with ease. 

What are the benefits of using the work platform? 

  • It helps the workers to reach from one level of height to another with ease.
  • It helps to increase the efficiency of the workers. 
  • The work is carried out faster. 
  • It is easy to easy during work. 
  • As many things cannot be lifted by the workers due to their heavyweight, thus by the use of the work platforms, it can be lifted easily.

What are the disadvantages of using a work platform?  

  • It can be risky for the workers as they can fall if the balance is not stable. 
  • It needs training before using the machine.
  • The person who is using it should have an accurate calculation in their mind such as at what speed it needs to be moved and how much it needs to be lifted as if the calculations are wrong, it can cause an accident. 

What is the Scaffolding work platform? 

The term scaffolding is a type of work platform which has been produced for supporting the workmen to carry them up for working at a higher height. It acts just like a ladder but has a small free space box that is used for workers to stand in and do their work. 

Advantages of the scaffolding work platform
  • It is safer to use as it is more stable and is fixed in a position which prevents imbalance and falling off it. 
  • It is available at a cheaper rate than a machinery working platform. 
  • It does not need to be operated as it has no mechanism for controlling and is just like a ladder. 

Disadvantages of the scaffolding platform 
  • It takes more energy of the workers to reach the top, as it needs to be climbed just like a ladder. 
  • It is less efficient than machinery.
  • It has no additional height and its height is fixed.
  • It cannot make the person reach the top of the height of the scaffolding platform is shorter than the working height.  

Which are the best wok platform for ladders and scaffolding? 

1. Werner Aluminum Low-Level Work Platforms
It is a basic type of working platform which is just like a steel stool which perfects for use at work. It is an intermediate type of equipment. 

Use of it 

  • It is suitable to be used at home
  • It is perfectly capable to be used at the workshop. 

Advantages of it

  • It is available at much cheaper than as compared to the machinery. 
  • It is lighter in weight.
  • It can be carried easily and is potable. 

Disadvantages of it

  • The body structure is not much rough and tough. 
  • It can not be used under the condition for reaching a higher height level due to its small height.
  • It can be adjusted according to the height. 

2. Patented Scaffolding
The term panted scaffolding is a type of working platform and they are made up of steel material which are taller and durable. 

Use of it

  • They are used outdoors for building constructions.
  • They are more used for apartment constructions

Advantages of it 

  • They have taller height and can reach higher heights to work at.
  • They have higher strength and durability. 
  • They can carry the weight of many workers at the same time. 

Disadvantages of it

  • They have a fixed position and are not flexible. 
  • They are not portable nor can they be carried easily. 
  • They can stumble easily.  
  • They are not movable. 

3. Trestle Scaffolding
It is a movable version of the working platform which has higher flexibility. 

Use of it 

  • It is suitable to be outside at the building for cleaning or repairing the windows and building. 
  • It can be used in apartments. 

Advantages of it

  • It is available at much cheaper than as compared to the machinery. 
  • It is lighter in weight.
  • It can be carried easily and is potable. 
  • It is a movable version of the work platform. 

Disadvantages of it

  • The body structure is not much rough and tough. 
  • It cannot carry much heavier weight.
  • It cannot be adjusted according to the height. 
  • It is not hooked very securely, and sometimes due to heavier weight, it can result in the collapse which risks the life of the workmen.

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