How to Install Custom Window Shades?

Window shades have always been the priority of the majority of people for many years. These are not only protecting the people from harmful rays but are also enhancing the looks of their rooms. Honeycomb shades, cellular shades, roller shades, roman shades are few types of window shades. Not only these but there are also many other types of shades that you can choose to get multiple benefits. But sometimes, people do not get the specific type of shade for their room. They want exactly similar shade but the size available in it is not suitable for the size of their windows. To solve all such problems, now there are Custom Window Shades available in the market and on online stores. Now you can choose any design and get any size and color in that design by customizing it.

You can have control over the light entering your living space. This can become possible by the installation of custom window shades. They allow you to manage the level of light and wind in the room. But to have this control, you must know the installation steps for these products. Most of the people think that the installation is so difficult and require many efforts to have a complete installed shade in your room. But this is not true. No doubt this process requires efforts but once a person is aware of all the steps, he can install the shade in less than ten minutes.
We are providing all the steps that are necessary for the installation of the custom window shades. 

Take the Exact Measurements:
Initially, you have to find out the measurements then you will be able to pass through the process of installation. Measure the top, bottom, left, right and all the sides of the window so that you become aware of the size you want.

Mark the Bracket Positions:
Before marking the bracket positions, remove all the drapes or curtains hung with that frame. Now check the additional tools or things present in the package of shade. Have a look at the mounting screws and the brackets in the package. After this, you have to measure at least two inches from each side of the frame and mark on the head jamb on the frame of your window.

Mark the Location for Screw Holes:
Place a metal mount bracket on the frame and mark the place where it needs a hole for the screw. Now you have to make a line to ensure that the bracket is square or not. In the end, you have to repeat this to mark holes for other brackets.

Bore the Holes:
For this, you require a drill having a diameter of 1/16 inches. Now bore the holes and place the screws in it and tighten all the screws.    

Attachment of Brackets:
Now attach all the brackets at the places where you have marked. Fasten the bracket with the help of pan-head screws.

Clipping of Shades in Brackets:
In the last step, you have to clip the shade in the bracket. For this, you need to lose the screws on the bottom. Now lift the shade and fix it in the lip of two brackets. Tighten the screws and you will get a perfectly installed Custom Window Shade.

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