Things to Ensure Before you the Professionals for Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing

Wood is surely a perfect choice for flooring material. You can opt for various styles, colors and combinations of rugs to get a modern fashion statement. Though, it is vital to hire professionals because eventually this way you can get quality results.


Make sure to remember certain things before hiring a service of timber floor sanding and polishing in Sydney:


It is the most important factor while opting for a flooring company. Once you have a professional in your hands, the job would be half done. You can research online or ask around.

Assemble a list of flooring companies, visit their official website and evaluate the type of installations they have done earlier, what kind of flooring they are specialists in, their method of fixing subfloors, the adhesives, the techniques they follow and so on.

Wooden flooring project requires a lot of planning, so the service provider must have a team of certified professionals, and advanced equipment to guarantee a highly detailed job.  Make sure to check their reputation as well.

Review company references

By following the guideline mentioned above, it would be convenient for you to focus on a reputed flooring company only. Next step is to visit their official websites and go through the customer testimonials.

If you can reach out to the customers who hired them earlier to discuss their experience, then it would be easy for you to make a final decision.

In order to ensure you are hiring the experts, check their licenses other relevant documents.

Ask for a quote in a written form

There are a number of other factors as well to make sure there are no delays when the project is in progress. Once you have finalized on a flooring company, sign a contract with them before starting the work.

Prepare a legal contract that gives detailed information about the project that includes the Scope of work, type of wooden floor installation, the cost of the installation work and deadlines for completion of work.

A range of timber types

It is vital to consider a lot of things while choosing the timber flooring for your home. As it is an important part of house decor, the color scheme, and the walls. And then you have to choose from a wide range of timber floor– like parquet, solid wood and floating boards, etc. There are some kinds of the floor that do not need a subfloor.

You can ask the contractor about the range of wooden floors offered by his company. Opt for the one that would suit the environment and climatic conditions. The timber floor must blend well with the environment and the aesthetics come next.

Preparation of the suitable subfloor

The subfloors play a vital role while installing floors. If it is prepared well, you can be guaranteed of the quality. The contractor should be able to tell you about the preparation of the subfloor and the material that they will use.

Plywood is considered perfect for subfloor installations. The contractor must check factors like smoothness, evenness, dampness, sand ratio, etc. before the preparation of the subfloor. It is vital to ask the contractor how they will assess the durability and type of adhesive they will use.

In the conclusion, timber flooring is the preferred choice because it is organic and suitable for all kinds of home. It would be better to hire professional timber floor sanding and polishing in Sydney. If you have more questions apart from the ones that discussed above, ensure you ask them before the project begins. It is vital to hire a flooring company who know the ins and outs of the floors.