Top Tips While Using A Lapel Microphone

When you are out for shooting and recording somebody’s speech, this part is important to your final video quality, using camera’s onboard mic, or even a shotgun microphone might not be the best option. In situations where your purpose is to record a subject’s voice, for instance,  public speaking, head interviews, etc.  You should Buy Lapel Microphone also called a “lav” or lavalier mic.
A wireless lapel microphone is used in order to allow a more hands-free setup and because they are less obvious, they might help your subject feel comfortable as they will not be paying attention to the mic itself.  You can simply clip it onto the clothing and it will allow you to be able to get a clear sound without having to pay for the crew.

Knowing the convenient way to get the best sound out of a lapel microphone,  whether for you or any presenter come very handy. Listed below are some guidelines on making the microphone work for you. Usually, any small mic worn on the body is known as a lapel mic. The majority of these microphones is omnidirectional, which means they can pick up sound coming from all directions.
  • Experiment with mic placement
You will be able to get different results depending on the individual and the type of dress they are wearing.

  • Wear a shirt that buttons up
It would be best if you can, ask the individual to wear a shirt that buttons up. This will give you more options when it comes to microphone placement.

  • Attach to the appropriate side
If attaching the microphone to a collar, make sure that to attach it to the side the person will be facing.

  • Try the camisole
A good place to attach a woman’s lapel microphone is the centre point of the camisole.

  • No synthetics
If possible request people avoid wearing blouses, shirts, or clothes made of synthetic material. The synthetic material can create much more noise than wools or cotton.

  • Try static guard
When clothing noise remains problematic, an anti-static shower such as a static guard will help reduce, static clinging, friction and electricity.

  • Go underneath clothing
To avoid airstream noise, a common issue with lavaliers, secure the microphone underneath the clothing, if possible.

  • Tape clothing together
While hiding the microphone underneath clothing, you might need to tape clothing layers together to cut down noise.

  • Stick to first aid tape
Make sure to just opt for first aid tape on a lapel microphone. You can easily find this at grocery stores or drug stores.

To Buy Lapel Microphone, you can browse your favorite search engines online. A lot of e-stores offer discounts which will save you money. In addition to that, they offer free delivery service. So you can be worry free and you don’t have to waste your time and energy to find a lapel microphone.