Uses of additional vinyl planks in your house


You must understand that nowadays the flooring that is the most popular among both business and residential owners is the vinyl flooring. Whether it is vinyl planks or high-end vinyl sheets, individuals prefer this kind of floor covering over each flooring. IT is not only inexpensive but stylish and resilient too. However, when you buy these tiles for a restoration task and there are a couple of leftover tiles from the task then you shouldn't throw these tiles away due to the fact that they still can serve you a great deal of purposes. You can use these tiles artistically to make your living space more appealing and practical. Here are a couple of ways in which you can use these tiles in your other projects:

Line the tiles under the sink cabinets:

Vinyl plank flooring is among the most economical and it can be used in a variety of ways. You must know that the space under the sink gets unclean easily and you have to clean it again and again to prevent from moulding growing on these spaces. If you line these spaces with the remaining vinyl tiles then you won't only make the space more gorgeous but would be able to secure your kitchen cabinetry too. By doing this the tile or the plank would serve as a protective barrier between the wall and the actual cabinet. Nevertheless, you must make sure that you have actually fixed all the leaking or pipes issues prior to positioning the tiles over the area. This is because if there is major water leakage problems then even the tile wouldn't have the ability to safeguard your cabinets.

Wood shims:

If you are wanting to set up the vinyl floor covering your house then you must recognize with the vinyl plank flooring prices. After finishing your floor covering project, you need to recycle the leftover tiles in another method. You can use these littles planks as wood shims and this way you would be able to stabilize the furniture piece that is a bit unsteady. By doing this, you would supply stability to your furnishings.


Nowadays the style of utilitarian backsplash is rather fashionable and almost all of the style and elegant home owners are getting splash backs in their kitchens. If you haven't become aware of this style and have not seen a splash back prior to then you should know that these are the fashionable tiles with the splash back develops on them and are installed between countertops and cupboards. If you employ somebody to get splash back independently it would end up being rather costly. However, when you do it with the leftover vinyl tiles, the project would be quite cost effective and you would not even have to buy anything brand-new at all. The vinyl tiles would be a lower costly choice for the splash back. By doing this you would get the trendy style you want without needing to invest a great deal of money. You can create a splash back by yourself by choosing the colours that choose the space and with collaborating the space decoration.

Mats for a variety of purposes:

You can also use the additional tiles as mats. You can cut them to an appropriate size and use them as pet mats to keep the location tidy. You can cut other mats to streamline the process of clean-up too. You can also utilize them in other DIY tasks of your children.