Cinema offers in Credit card

If we talk about the services of different banks working in Dubai regarding their benefits, we can say that all banks are highly professional in providing best offers. Now if we differentiate the services regarding cinema offers in credit card, we can say that Mashreq bank of Dubai is one of the most interesting bank and provide huge benefits on its credit card. So if you are a movie lover then for sure you should open an account in Mashreq bank to take the cinema offers in credit card. Here we have calculated the benefits and perks being provided by all banks and we have concluded that Mashreq credit card is best among all. So here we will discuss some of the key points and benefits being offered for cinema tickets in credit card. If you are using Mashreq credit card you can buy one get one free movie tickets offer and this offer is specific and no other bank can compete this offer. Second point is that you can pay utility bills. On this card you have different facilities such as easy payment plans, 24-hour auto assistance, and free money transfers through mobile banking services.

Now we will discuss some of the key features and let’s have a look on these – if you are an expat or a local you require a minimum salary of AED 8,000 per month to get the services of this card. Now the most important point that every credit card holder should have in his/her mind very clear fully is that repayment period of 21 days on this card. This means that one should have to pay the bills of credit card on very first of the every month to avoid from the interest rate that one can never pay back if he/she gets late from his/her usual payments. Now the thing is also very important that minimum payment of 5% is available on this card. The annual fee applicable on this card is AED 500. But other cards of Mashreq Bank may provide you services with no annual fee also.

Cinema offers in credit card – Service of Mashreq Bank

Mashreq bank of Dubai has a contract with Novo cinema. It is one of the best cinema in the mid-city of Dubai and it has many outlets in different areas of Dubai. That’s why Mashreq bank and Novo cinema support each other business by providing services to one another. So there is a need to understand the story. People are very jolly in Dubai. As most of the expatriates are madly in love with cinema culture so cinema offers in credit card of Mashreq bank offers discounts and perks on cinema tickets. On one hand the Novo cinema provide cheapest offers on movie tickets and cinema offers in credit card of Mashreq bank and bank in return provide customer to the bank. It is amazing to support and run each other business and that’s the way corporate sector in Dubai is going on. In business every one respect the interest of others and support each other to get maximum profit for both side.

Now we will discuss first the perks and services of this card on movie offers in credit card. Through this card we can get up to 5% cashback on international spends and up to 3% on local spends. No minimum spend is required to take the benefits and discounts on cinema offers in credit card. This card will provide you cash back discount facility also. The main benefits regarding movie offers in credit card are – you can get 50% direct cash back discount on each ticket you will buy through Mashreq bank card. If you are taking two tickets you can get two more tickets free and you can choose the movie show according to your own interest. There is no restriction for selecting the show. You can take these services throughout the whole week and on Sunday you can get a free ticket through a lucky draw show held by Mashreq bank. I think if we observe for cinema offers in credit card then for sure Mashreq novo card is best from all. So I suggest you all to take cinema offers in credit card by taking the services of Mashreq credit card