Make Your Trees Healthy With Tree Lopping Service By Experts

Winter is the best time of year to lop your trees. This is because trees are inactive and changes you make to trees will be slowly adopted by them when they "wake up" coming back into spring. You can get professionals for tree lopping in Sydney.
Winter time is also best because all the leaves from deciduous trees have fallen and you can examine the tree more easily to find out which twigs need removal.
Lopping trees on a yearly basis improve growth as the tree requires less energy to maintain its greenery and use all its remaining energy to fruit, flower or to grow new branches and leaves.
If the tree uses its precious energy to keep up a large number of twigs, it will have less energy to bear fruit and flowers. This concept helps the vineyards to maximize their harvest.

tree lopping in Sydney.

What to remove?

When lopping a tree there are 3 things we need to look for:

Crossing branches:

If you see branches crossing each other, this will lead to mechanical damage during the storm. This will not just deteriorate the structure of the branch, but it will also leave it open to attack by insects such as white ants or borers.


Chopping of dead branches will make the tree healthy. Lopping gives the tree a chance to rejuvenate when the connection between the healthy branch and Deadwood has been disconnected. If the dead wood is left untreated, water can enter the branch and begin to decay from the inside out.

Diseased Branches:

Diseased branches and trees are not noticeable to the inexpert eye. You can look for:
·    Amount of dead wood on a specific branch.
·    Fungus rising on the tree branch can be found around inside of the rotting timber.
·    In excess of flowering or shooting out an infrequent amount of 'sucker' from the branch.

Cutting techniques:

When lopping tree branches, be careful to make a cut at an angle that reflects the branches natural collar.
Always cut bigger branches into two pieces. First, lop off the heavy-weighted end, then the remainder of the branch.
It is an important piece of advice to never pollard. Pollarding doesn't allow the tree to heal and will leave a dead stump, letting water to enter and decay the tree.

tree lopping in Sydney.

When to Hire a Pro?

In Sydney tree lopping professionals are known as ' Arborists', you can approach them if trees are at a perilous height. To be on the safe side, any tree at the height of 5 meters should be done by a professional tree expert.
You can get referrals from friends and family to find out professional tree service. The internet can also be useful to look for professional tree care companies. Make sure the tree care company you opt for must be insured and licensed. You can email them to know about their availability. Their contact details are given on their website.

So to make your trees healthy, hire a professional tree lopping service today. Happy gardening!