Reasons To Choose Engineered Wood Floors Over Solid Wood Floors

There are so many reasons for choosing engineered wood flooring in Hertfordshire over regular, solid wood floors. More and more homeowners are now turning towards this type of floor because its top layer is made of solid wood which gives you the characteristics of natural wood. It is constructed using several layers which are firmly joined together for strength and durability of the floor when you install it in your home. Some of the reasons for choosing this floor over solid wood floors are:

engineered wood flooring in Hertfordshire

·        The look and feel
The appearance of the floor and the feel is similar to that of natural wood so when you are purchasing it, you do not need to worry whether it will look good or not. The reason for this is that the top layer of the board is of natural wood which means that they carry the same characteristics as that of the solid wood floor. The bigger benefit being that this floor is a lot cheaper compared to the natural wood option which means that you will be able to complete your floor within your budget.

·        Easy to clean
These floors are very easy to clean, which is a major reason they are being preferred by homeowners. All you have to do is simply sweep the floor and then mop it to keep it clean and fresh. When you have your new floor installed, you will be provided with instructions on how to keep it well maintained so it stays fresh and clean for the years to come.

·        Allergen-free environment
If you or anyone in your house suffers from allergies then the engineered wood floor is the perfect solution to keep allergies at bay. Some people like to use carpets and that is wrong because carpets are dust traps. Even if you vacuum them or hire a professional service to clean them on a regular basis, even when they are a risk. Vacuuming only cleans the top layer of the carpet but not the fibers, where the dust is stuck. However, all of this is not a problem when you have engineered wood floors installed. Simply mop and dust the floor to keep the rooms free of allergens.

·        Practicality
This floor is not just beautiful but practical as well. You can have it installed in any room of the house including the basement. This is a big advantage of this floor over solid oak flooring in Hertfordshire. It is resistant to changes in temperature as well. It can be installed over concrete as well so with this, you can have a practical flooring option for your home along with visual appeal.

·        Warm and welcoming
Another reason for choosing this floor is it can set the tone for the room as warm and welcoming. If you are into designing your own rooms, then this is the best option for you. As wood has the ability to create a peaceful and serene atmosphere, this can go with all types of interior decorating options, if you choose to re-decorate. 

engineered wood flooring in Hertfordshire
Moreover, when you use wood floors in your home, you can take advantage of the knots and grains and add character to the room. Woods adds a classic touch but even in modernized homes, it can still add some substance since it will make the space more comfortable and cozy. Especially in the case of engineered wood, it is also cost-friendly so you have nothing to worry about.

·        Comfort
As said before, engineered wood is strong and durable. When you walk on it, it will not feel like the regular wood floor which has the margin of getting damaged really easily. People also choose it for its comfort. It is very cozy to walk on and will tie the whole room together.