Delicious Candy Options and Ideas For Your Candy Buffet

Hard candies and lollipops have been a popular choice for candy buffets since they were created. Some people say that the first machine that was used for mass production of hard candy was invented in Wisconsin. At that time, the machine could only produce approximately 40 pops in a minute. That is not a very impressive number by today’s standards but at that time, it was considered a break-through in candy mass production.


If you are planning a candy buffet, then you should know that hard candy is a popular choice for buffets after chocolate. The demand for hard candy has recently increased because of the many options of size, color, and flavor that are available in it. Obviously, you must have your own list of ideas for a candy buffet and what kind of candy you would want there. Lollies are the king of candy because they are loved by children and adults to enjoy them once in a while.

Here are some ideas for your very own candy buffet.

What makes this candy everyone’s favorite is the fact that it comes on a stick. Everyone can have their preference of sweet but this delicacy brings a way to enjoy a yummy treat without getting your hands dirty. They come in a range of sizes from small drops to large circular shapes that are too big to fit in your mouth. Also, a variety of flavors from soda and fruit to sour pops are also widely available.

Mints are another popular choice mostly for the grownups. Mints help freshen your breath. People eat them because it helps keep their nerves calm and they help if your stomach is upset. Mints come in various flavors like chocolate and wintergreen. For some people, who have a sweet tooth; can get mints mixed with fruity flavors or chocolate. They are very easy to store and then serve. They can be fitted in easily in a candy dish and a lot of quantity.

Jelly beans have recently gained popularity amongst kids mostly. They are very yummy, soft, and gooey and come in various flavors. You can stuff your mouth with a hand full of these and still want more. There are countless brands in optional price ranges that are manufacturing this candy. Opt this for your candy buffet to add some punch to the regular kinds of candy people usually eat.

Caramels offer a unique taste to candy buffets. Their texture is similar to chocolate in term of being silky and smooth but the flavor is different. These are a sweet, satisfying treat before the meal and if you want your guests to indulge in a sugary experience, add this to your list of ideas for the buffet.

Sour candy
Enough with sweet and mint, it is time to add a different taste to excite the environment. Sour candies are usually loved by children but this will be a surprise to the adults as well if you have good options of flavors. This candy can keep you occupied for a long time because candy is usually known for being sweet and indulging but this one is a surprise. It comes in a lot of flavors. Some sour candies start with a sour taste but get sweeter as you get to the middle.

Chocolate Fountains
This is something we cannot knock out when planning a candy buffet. The only thing is that you need to bring something new rather than just regular bars or pieces of chocolate. A chocolate fountain will add to the style and appearance of the buffet. You can even serve biscotti sticks or wafers with it so people can have a nice treat.