Birthday Party Planner Tips For Your Kid’s Party

Hiring a birthday planner in Sydney would be the best way to go about it. If you still decide that you can do this on your own, then throwing a birthday party for your kid is going to take some planning. The problem with kid’s birthdays is that they are never happy with whatever type of celebration you plan. The reason is that your taste and their tastes are different. Their friends come to the parties and they want to make a lasting impression by having a really cool party.

The first thing you need to do is to really get to know your kid’s interests. The movies he watches, the comics he reads, the TV shows he likes or even his taste in music. He must have a favorite celebrity or superhero in mind. Plan your party accordingly. With the little things like plates and napkins customized according to the theme you decided.

With the theme in mind, make a guest list. Remember that the party is for your kid but the money is gonna come from your pocket so make the guest list according to the price per head calculation. You might even have to narrow down some guests to make sure you have enough finances for the event. Sending out the invites will also take some consideration because the invite has to be tuned according to the theme you decided.

If you have not hired a birthday planner in Sydney then you are responsible for deciding the venue for the party. If the party theme is sporty, then an outdoor venue like the park will do but if the theme is, say, the disco, then it is more suited for a hall. Whatever the case is, you need to call the venue very early and make sure they are not booked. But in case they are already booked, you will at least have time to look for alternate venues. The sooner you contact the venue, the sooner you will get your booking in.

The next step may be the most tricky one of them all, the decorations. Decorations, once again, will be done according to the theme of the party. If the party is gonna be a sporty one, then go for posters of famous athletes, sports equipment, football-shaped cake and maybe even organize a game for the kids. While decorating, keep in mind the age of the child and it should be fitting to the style of the party.

Hiring entertainment will help you a lot. You cannot keep running around with kids all the time, you need to sit down and relax as well. Besides, you have a lot to keep an eye on and this will keep the children occupied for an hour or two. Entertainment could be a clown, a small concert or even an open mic event. All of this has to be in line with the age group of your child and the taste they have.

Last but definitely not the least; you need to serve good food. It is a party, So kids will want easy to eat finger snacks. You also need to consider allergies or intolerances in the case of some kids. Some kids will be allergic to peanuts or cake. You do not want to create a situation where the kids are not eating enough food or eating no food at all due to their allergies or maybe they do not like the menu. You need to choose a menu that will be suited to kids.

The cake is the most important food item that you need to consider when making a menu for the birthday party. Bake it yourself if possible or order it well before-time to make sure that the delivery is not late.