Oak Flooring In Hertfordshire – What Is Difference Between Engineered Or Solid Oak Flooring?

When people are looking for Wood Flooring in Hertfordshire for their homes, they usually prefer a solid oak floor. When you contact a company to install wood flooring in your home, they recommend engineered oak floors.  Oak floors of good quality contain multiple layers of ply wood and another thick coating on top to prevent the wood from wear and tear.

Now, people wonder whether engineered oak will look just as beautiful or give the same feel of solid oak. This article will outline the benefits of engineered oak flooring over solid oak. It will also explain whether engineered oak is a good investment or not.

One & More Stable Type Of Flooring

Engineered oak of good quality, should have multi layers of laminated ply wood with a moisture resistant adhesive. This makes this a more stable option for oak flooring in Hertfordshire. People complain that engineered oak can de-laminate. This will not happen in the case of quality flooring. A piece of engineered oak even if boiled for several minutes will not de-laminate.

Solid oak is a natural product. When it is used for flooring, it has its downsides as well. The change is humidity levels in the atmosphere can cause the size of the boards to change. This change in size can lead to the creation of gaps in the floor.

Nowadays, properties are having under floor heating system. This type of heating can constantly change the humidity levels in the floors. It is advisable in this case to use engineered oak flooring rather than solid oak.

Engineered Wood Offers The Same Look And Feel As That Of Solid Oak

People want the natural outlook of solid oak so they ask for solid oak when going for wood flooring in Hertfordshire. What most people don’t know is that a good quality engineered oak will have the same look and feel as that of solid oak. The floor boards are wider and longer in engineered oak unlike, solid oak.

How long an engineered oak floor board will last depends on its wear layer. It is the top layer that covers the board. If the wear layer is between 5-6 mm then you need not worry about its durability.  

Well Machined Boards

The engineered board is very long and wide. The longer boards can be fitted really quickly as well. These boards are uniform and strong which make the fitting process fast and efficient.

If you get an engineered oak floor, then the time required for installation being less will cost less as well. So this is a factor to consider when comparing the prices of both the floor types. This is something to keep in mind when getting Oak Flooring in Hertfordshire.

Environment Friendly

Engineered oak boards are made of layers of plywood that is made from soft wood trees. These trees are fast growing and can be easily replaced even if used in large quantity. Compared to this, oak trees take hundreds of years to grow and it is far more valuable. If we employ the use of engineered boards, then we can reduce oak wood usage and save this valued resource.

In conclusion, both types of flooring are equally attractive and even though there are obvious advantages of engineered oak over solid oak. Nevertheless, some people still like the natural oak for its raw and natural look. Flooring experts still suggest the use engineered boards for they are a more practical choice. In the end, it is your choice to use whatever type of flooring you feel more comfortable with.